Tickle: We are a guardian home for this fabulous fluff ball full of kisses. Tickle is a phantom coloured large mini weighing in at 20 lbs. He has a beautiful non shedding, curly, fleece coat. He shows a genuine love for anyone he meets. Tickle is extremely athletic, which allows for endless hours of fun with the kids and the puppies. He has the ability to steal the heart of anyone he meets. He also takes his job as a “stud” very seriously! We sure enjoy having Tickle as part of our labradoodle family!

Deja: is a medium sized chocolate Australian Labradoodle. She has a fabulous wavy fleece coat and weighs 35 lbs. Her height is 18″ to the shoulder. She is very well mannered and extremely intelligent. She loves meeting new dogs and people.  Her fun loving, carefree personality provides for an eager to please temperament. She looks forward to her daily nature walks as well as meeting new friends along the way. Deja is the ultimate blend of playfulness, sociability, and loyalty. She is the perfect example of, ” mans best friend”.

Ella: Is a spunky, fun-loving princess with a soft, fleecy parchment coat. Also medium sized weighing 35 lbs. She is full of energy and adventure, and makes a wonderful companion. With un-bounding energy, she loves riding in the car so she can roll the window down by herself, and energetic long walks off-leash with her Great Dane brother. Conversely she is just as content to sit on the floor at our feet and watch the happenings of a busy, loving, large family. She’s so inquisitive, obedient and eager to please, always ready for a hive-five or to lay down with us in front of the TV for a neck scratch and a cuddle. She is the sunshine in our home and we can’t imagine life without our Ella Bella Beans.

Retired Dogs

Phoebe: Phoebe is a beautiful soft fleecy chocolate medium sized Australian Labradoodle. She resides here in Cardston with her guardian home who absolutely adores her! Her family consists of 2 loving parents with 5 children who provide endless hours of playtime and snuggles. Her fun loving and spunky personality keeps all 7 of them on their toes, but they could not be happier with this addition to their family! Phoebe loves to spend countless hours outside. It doesn’t matter whether it is on walks, boat rides, or basking in the sun in her favourite chair on the deck, outside is her favourite place to be.

Scotchie: Is a blonde, miniature boy. He weighs 18lbs with a wavy fleece coat and winning personality. He lives with his guardian family in Cardston who very quickly decided that they couldn’t live without him. We are excited about the many fantastic traits that he brings to our breeding program in a small size. He is 15″ tall and super friendly. He loves his people and really enjoys physical closeness. He is a true little cuddler. We thank Hales Labradoodles for providing our program with such a precioius little guy with us. (Parti time labradoodles is part owner of Scotchie along with Puppylove Labradoodles).

Daphne: Daphne is a vivacious and fun loving apricot parti. Her black nose in contrast with her white fur is just one of her many beautiful and distinctive physical features. With energy to spare, she is always ready for a good wrestle with the other dogs or to run and play with the kids. She is trustworthy and very tolerant of a busy family with a very curious toddler. Daphne has been a welcomed addition to her family. She is very loyal and craves the companionship of her people. Daphne is sure to pass on her good nature and beautiful traits!

Neyla: Neyla is a chocolate and white parti with a wavy fleece coat. Her temperament is as beautiful as she is. She comes from Partitimes very own Waltzing Matilida. Our playful, energetic girl loves to go for car rides and walks daily. Neyla is always anxious to meet other animals and people on her walks as all who pass by rave at her beauty. She greets visitors at the door with a friendly welcome while soaking up all the attention. Night time snuggles is her favorite way to end the day.

Abercrombie (Abby) is our little leapster. She has the grace and poise of a gazelle as she leaps around the backyard. Her beautiful fleecy apricot colored coat, innocent face and friendly disposition make her quite popular with the public when she is out for a walk. She is such a fun little girl and is immediately loved by anyone she meets. She is very intelligent and her ability to learn new tricks quickly is amazing. Playful, curious, loyal and always happy are just a few ways of describing our Abby. After a long day, she will jump up on the couch, bed, or lay on the floor beside you for a nice long cuddle. We are looking forward to meeting her first litter of puppies.

Waltzing Matilda (Maddy): While Maddy was with us she blessed our home with over 40 puppies in 2 years!! She certainly earned her early retirement! Because she had such large litters we retired her at 3 years. She is now enjoying the traveling life and has fulfilled many of my travel dreams right beside her wonderful family!

Boom-er-ang (Boomer): 
After 4 years of loyal service and providing the Australian Labradoodle world with “parti” puppies Boomer has retired and is enjoying the city life with his family in Calgary Alberta.

Raz-Me-Taz (Tazzy): Tazzy was our very first Australian Labradoodle and she is the “Queen” of our home! She has puppies that are all over the world now. Her beautiful fleece coat along with her desired temperament mixed with her ability to produce parti puppies made her a SUPERSTAR! She is now 6 years old and will continue to enjoy “the life” here where it all began!