Our Labradoodle program is located in Cardston Alberta Canada, which is just a short drive from Lethbridge. Our first introduction to the Labradoodle breed came from PuppyLove Labradoodles, where we were a guardian home for Tazzy and Boomer in 2005, and have been raising Australian Labradoodles since.

We are not a kennel. We live in house with a big backyard where the dogs are free to run with the kids or enjoy a nice game of fetch.  Our dogs are all inside dogs where they enjoy the freedom to sleep with the kids or bask in the sun shine while looking out the living room window.

Our puppies are hand whelped in the master bedroom where the mothers feel safe and secure. When they are three weeks old, the puppies are moved out into the living room area. This is where the puppies are exposed to all the goings on of our busy little family. This helps them to become socialized. Our five children spend hours playing, holding, and cuddling the puppies. Puppies raised in this environment make the best pets as they have already learned to trust people. They will be eager to go for a run, walk, swim, or play a game of fetch with you. But what they will love the most is a nice long snuggle with you!