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Big day for Us!

Today was a big day for us today. It started off pretty early with us having to skip breakfast! No food or drink for puppies on surgery day. The roads were terrible heading to Fort Macleod and even worse going to pick them up and bring them home. Was so happy to be back home! Everyone did well and recovered like champs. The puppies were also microchipped today while they were under anesthetic.

I have attached a video of the puppies just getting home from their big day. The purpose of the video is to show families how well the puppies recover from this surgery at a young age! Older puppies take 4-6 days to recover from the same surgery.

Thank you to those who have contacted me to make pick up plans. Families meeting me on Friday, my vet appointment has been moved to 11:00am. Please meet me there at 11:30 for pick up. I won’t have much time to answer questions, so please discuss any questions or concerns with me before the pick up time. Thanks so much and just 1 more week to wait!!🥰🥰